Apply for New Membership

Individuals seeking initial membership in the Society must submit a completed Membership Application Form and all required supporting documents, as described under each Membership type. Incomplete applications will not be considered.

Applicants for Trainee status will also have to submit a signed letter from their major professor or mentor verifying trainee status; the letter may be on department letterhead, or the Mentor Signature Form may be used. Applicants for Regular status are required to submit a list of recent publications; the requirements are specified on the application.

A nominee will be accepted to membership upon approval by the Membership Committee, and membership will be activated upon payment of dues. If dues are submitted at the time of application, nominees will be given a temporary membership, pending review by the Membership Committee.

Bulk Trainee Membership Program

Institutions or Centers wishing to enroll/renew memberships for 10 or more trainees at one time are eligible for a discounted rate. Please see the Bulk Trainee Membership Program for details.